POSabilities, is a collection of privately held Florida operating companies with full service operations in Fort Myers, Panama City Beach, and Baltimore/Southern Delaware. We are customer service fanatics that currently have either the highest satisfaction rating (Aloha) of customer satisfaction by our respective software manufacturer partners.

In 2003, over 300 retail and restaurant merchants switched to POSabilities service and support. Our current active customer base is over 1600.

POSabilities is a single brand that means market leading innovative software solutions operating on fast and reliable hardware (POS) and excellent service from great people (abilities).

The Hospitality Group

Aloha Technologies, Ltd. (Now NCR, Inc.) makers of the Aloha food service and hospitality software, appointed POSabilities on April 15, 2003 to service the Gulf of Mexico market extending south of Clark Road (Route 72) in Sarasota County to Marco Island. Since then we have expanded to cover Panama City Beach, covering from Mobile, AL to Tallahassee, FL, with an additional office in Annapolis, MD, covering the state of Maryland, and southern Delaware.

Aloha's product line consists of the industries most proven and reliable Windows OS based applications. With over 60,000 clients in all facets of food service--table service, quick service, theme parks, stadiums, corporate cafeterias, and in operations of all sizes, from a single terminal ice cream shop to 500+ terminal Universal Orlando. Aloha and POSabilities can be the perfect fit for your business.

Value Statement

The company and it's associates will be goverened by the following Value Statements:

  • We will be 100% honest in our dealing with people, resources, and capital.
  • We will commit to only what we know we can accomplish.
  • When we do not know the answer to a question, we will find out the answer and report back with the truth.
  • We will treat all people and their ideas with dignity.
  • We will treat all customers, fellow POSabilities associates, business associates, and strangers with respect while on company business and/or while in the company uniform.
  • We will put the customer before self; at POSabilities we are subservient to our customer.
  • We will put fellow POSabilities associates before self and seek to understand the viewpoints of others before espousing our viewpoint.
  • The customer is the most critical part of the customer-associate-owner trilogy.
  • The customer is mostly always right; the owner is the only one that gets to tell a customer (s)he may be wrong.