September, 2014


Are you thinking you might be paying too much for your credit card processing fees?


Did you know that NCR has a Credit Card Processing Division—NCR Merchant Solutions?


If you are interested in investigating this cost savings service please reply to this newsletter and someone from NCR will contact you to see if they can save you money.

NCR Merchant Solutions

Pulse Real Time embraces the idea of delivering actionable information in real time to a user’s smart phone. It turns the data that is generated from the Aloha POS system into actionable information. Real Time allows a user to experience the nirvana of knowing every important data element about their business regardless of where they are.  This powerful application even allows the use to view the guest check of a customer that just sat down or paid. Use this information to directly impact the bottom line today.

Pulse Real Time delivers up to the minute operational measurements that include:

· Net sales by hour, day part, category & order mode.

· Labor $ and % by job code.

· Comps and voids.

· Employee performance.

· Payment details.

· And many more…


Pulse Real Time gives you actionable information you can’t get anywhere else.

Information helps you improve profits.


Pulse Real Time provides access to your brand’s social identity and your customers’ satisfaction.


Pulse Real Time helps you connect with your employees.


Pulse Real Time makes running your store easier.


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